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New Patient Experience

For all our new clients, Dr. Santos-Berkowitz starts with a very through exam and cleaning that typically lasts up to two hours. You can expect us to take pictures of your teeth along with x-rays if needed. In addition to checking for gum disease, Dr. Santos uses Diagnodent, a laser fluoresce device that can detect cavities before they become visible to the naked eye. You can also expect to receive a comprehensive smile evaluation along with recommendations on how we can perfect your smile. At the end of your visit a Treatment Plan detailing our findings will be presented for your review.


Intra-Oral Camera Image   INTRA-ORAL CAMERA

High tech fiber optics gives you and Dr. Santos-Berkowitz remarkably crystal clear views of your teeth a gum. Many of our guests enjoy seeing what Dr. Santos sees on our in-room video screens.


Diagnodent Image  



Proper preventive care is a key to maintaining optimal oral health. 92% of discolored pits and fissures are decayed, and sealants over 10 years old are decayed 90% of the time. The office makes use of DIAGNOdent™, a low-level diode wavelength laser that fluoresces bacteria that exists in fissures, to ensure that small problems can be addressed before they turn in to big problems. For example, DIAGNOdent™ allow us to detect small and hidden cavities that would normally be missed by conventional clinical examination, thereby allowing us to monitor and treat decay before more involved and invasive procedures are required.


The Wand



Afraid of needles? So are we! That's why Dr. Santos has the Wand, a microprocessor-controlled dental anesthetic delivery system that makes the most unpleasant part of your visit virtually pain free! This revolutionary painless injection system often avoids the unpleasant side effects of face or lip numbness. Not only is the Wand virtually painless, it is easier and safer!

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